This page presents examples of Vega data visualizations created by Andrzej Leszkiewicz

Vega is a declarative language for creating highly customizable interactive visualization designs.
Vega designs can be embedded into any web page as well as into any Power BI report (using Deneb, certified Power BI custom visual). Read more about Deneb and Vega…

Some of the designs are new and unique, others are reproductions of the charts initially created (using other tools) by their respectable authors (Jorge Camões, Ed Hawkins and others). Many of the examples previously were considered as impossible to implement in Power BI, others required a lot of tricks and workarounds to be implemented (with limitations) using native Power BI visuals. Deneb brings these creative and interacive designs into Power BI reports.

⚠️ Desktop recommened, the charts on this page have not been yet optimized for mobile devices and may look dramatically cropped on narrow screens.
Also you will find smaller PNG previews of the charts on the bottom of the page.

Select a chart to display:

The following chart has been rendered on the fly using the most recent Vega JSON from my Github Deneb-Vega repository.
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The following are just screenshots and some of them may be outdated.
To see the most recent versions of the charts (generated on the fly from my Github code repository) use the drop-down selector on the above.

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